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Explore the Nature of Bulgaria

(part 1):

I have a policy when it comes to traveling – I try to visit at least one new location per month. For an adventurer I suppose I`m quite organized and I love to plan my journeys up front. So the last weekend I cleared my schedule and I went for a nice, hot bath in the mineral pools of Sapareva Banya. After that, I was very relaxed and cheerful, so I decided to publish some info about this beautiful place.

As you probably know already from my “introduction”, I am Bulgarian. If you happen to be around my country, Sapareva Banya is one place that I seriously recommend you to visit. It has the romantic beauty of this small towns, that you`ve probably familiar with from the fairy tales. You can just sit back, close you eyes and enjoy the nature that is surrounding you. And if you prefer some “modern style” activities, you will still find them in the Aqua club or the town pubs.

If you want to learn more about Sapareva Banya – where to stay, how to get there or you would like to obtain some information about its sights and history – you can check on my article for on the following address:

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After that, if you like my proposal, you may contact me anytime if you need more tips, or you have some questions. You can also check out my travel photos in the Gallery:
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